Friday, 5 June 2015

Fallout 4 And The Graphical Backlash

Long time, no post. But I had to talk about this next installment in my favorite series. I may come too biased, for those disagreeing with what you're about to read, but I'm making a lot of effort to try and stay objective.
 This pre-rendered CGI scene lacks Tress-FX hair and cloth physics!

It's Fallout 4, damn it, it's finally announced and I'm happy about it. Not hyped, mind you, but excited enough. It's not that it took a long time and we kinda expected it for a while -- let's face it, Bethesda is no Valve, -- we kinda guessed it would make an appearance at 2015's E3, but it's also the toned down trailer. Skyrim had an epic teaser, presented a new scale for The Elder Scrolls, and that awesome frikin music. Fallout 4 doesn't fall short of epicness, but it's a familiar, yet grave world we're being shown.