Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mobile games that play great with a controller (Part 1)

So you've bought a Bluetooth controller for your Android or Apple mobile device and you're probably wondering what you could play on your phone or tablet. Well, I'll give you some titles to get the fun started. I also bought a cheap $12 Mocute-050 controller, which is a very good deal for the price, nice looking, decently sturdy, but it's definitely no MOGA or MAD CATZ C.T.R.L.
Before I get to it, I have to state that the games in this list are games I've tested personally, some might not work similarly for every type of controller, and fun factor is subjective. Also, in no way these are all the games that work with a controller, this is but a small part, and I do intend to continue listing more games you can try out for yourself. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to know your opinions, so please take your time and comment! Let's start...

Video Games Featuring Black Protagonists (Part 1)

Image source: inquisitr

I've decided to make this list because I've recently felt reinvigorated by Lincoln Clay, the protagonist of the very acclaimed Mafia III, a game with a great pacing and tone, featuring a character with a realistic personality I've rarely seen in games. There's no political agenda or motive behind me undertaking this "task", neither do I want to make a point, otherwise I would be able to make a
Before I start listing all the games I can think of (Google cheating only for accurate spelling and fact checking, I promise), I need to set up the rules, and the first rule is...
 - the game must have a full-fledged story. So multiplayer-only games and half-baked stories, like the ones in Evolve or Titanfall, don't count. We need this rule to establish that the character isn't just window-dressing, that they have an importance.