Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Crazy Movie Idea #1 - Carol of the Bells

'Tis the future. Humanity has made immense progress. There is no other civilization on this side of the Galaxy, but we have managed to colonize hundreds of planets, some even terraformed. These terraformed ones are a stain on our history and those who stay there have dealt with much shunning. No longer. Humans are well beyond malice and spite. We're so far into the utopic reach, there is no sense of begrudging inequality or discrimination, there's no logic for superstition or religion. But far on an old home, our planet Earth enjoys a blissful ice age and the longest lasting pagan tradition mankind has ever celebrated: Christmas.
This is a future in which technology is so advanced and humanity has become so capable, anything is possible, within reason, of course. Only on Earth, the last few 120 thousand people, who chose to preserve our beloved planet as a sort of protected reservation, still celebrate with gifts and colorful lights on the 24th day of December. Near the North Pole, there's a small village where small little elves make wooden toys, they groom the reindeer and help out Santa Claus. However, the elves are very clever robots, and so are the reindeer, who use a very advanced technology to actually fly, helping themselves on the magnetic properties of the planet. The only living thing there is Santa, who likes reading vintage comic books and eating chocolate cookies. And surely, no, the toys aren't really made of wood, but actually a soft rock material that they mine from some of Saturn's rings of meteorites.

Christmas day is coming, but so do the representatives of mankind's governing authority. Their orders and demands are as sound and clear as their intentions: Christmas has gone long enough and needs to stop, for goodness sake. Disrupting it one year would suffice, would break down and end the last primitive tradition that ties humanity to its old and depraved ways. While the Earth citizens are debating whether it is logical to just cease the jolly fest or to preserve this last ounce of historical celebration, no matter how pagan and unrelated with its roots, for it hurts no one to do so, the representatives consider that this debate alone is proof enough that it splits and divides society. Santa disagrees and he's willing to do anything, even go against his way and, ironically, literally fight in order to keep Christmas alive.

How will Santa manage to do that? Will Christmas be canceled forever?

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