Sunday, 3 March 2019

Video Games Featuring Black Protagonists (Part 4)

Here is in fact the list of games I missed in the first three articles. Some are unknown indie games that were hard to notice at first, while other released after I already wrote them, of course, in alphabetical order. What started as a curiosity mining, turned out to be a journey and discovery of characters and games I never even heard of. I definitely want to play some and other I might not want to ever touch again. Just like any games featuring all types of characters, the skin color of a character doesn't really make or break a story, except when culture or beliefs are involved. And I shall start with exactly one that makes a point out of culture and belief. Well, there's no further ado. We've set the rules before, there's not much to say but have fun and here are more game in which you can play as a black character: