Thursday, 25 July 2013

The way we love games

 We are gamers. It is in our nature -- as humans  -- to learn and develop skills through ludic activities, right from our early childhood to the future of our lives, wherever that may take us. Were we playing purposefully with our hands and feet even before we were born or were we preparing for our emergence in life? What about the times we played with our brothers, sisters or with our friends and we got all competitive? Did we love the game more than the people that are close to us? Was it that important for us to win and prove that we are better than them? For us it was, for all of us, even for our brothers, sisters or our friends. Our genes tell us it was important, our parents agree, the society agrees too, as long as things don't escalate too much. That never meant we didn't love them. And we loved to play. We played all kinds of games with family and friends, from hide-and-seek, charades and board games to video games and sports, helping with our social skills, enhancing our ability to communicate with others, sharpening our dexterity and focus, bonding with our loved ones.