Friday, 17 November 2017

Movie Idea #2: Tools

The story is centered around a group of robbers specialized in stealing tools and auto parts directly from the manufacturing factories and selling these to under the counter shops. But as some of the members become increasingly ambitious, the group starts making mistakes and gradually falling apart. Their leader is an aging veteran who's only motivation turns from profit to escape.
A new and young security chief gets appointed at a large tool factory, which also happens to be the robbers' "last big hit", but it all goes awry at night when the group divides between the murderous side and the ones who just want to abort and leave.
It culminates with the young security guard fighting the good guy robber (in the latter's attempt to buy time for his friends to escape), after they both work together to take down the gun totting bad guys. They both try to strangle one another with electrical wires, and when the robber gets the upper hand, he gives up, not going through with it, proving he can't be a murderer even when his life depends on it.
The story epilogues with the security guard letting the robber go and, some time later, one cold morning, in an almost empty parking lot, the security guard is waiting for the now-retired robber, sitting on the trunk of his car, with a hard to pass proposition: come work as a security analyst.

(By the way, I'm aware of the light drama between the two actors shown above. The image is purely referential. And I'm also aware of the bad choice for the article title.)