Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Movie Idea #3: LIFEFORCE 2

Lifeforce is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated science-fiction movies to come out of at least the 1980s. Based on a book by British novelist Colin Wilson, titled The Space Vampires, this 1985 movie exudes a multitude of themes from police drama to Gothic fantasy and from sci-fi to old school practical horror. While unfocused in many respects, it was also a fountain of fresh ideas at the time and one of the movies that keep inspiring me. I'm a fan of Lovecraft's cosmic horror and, while I admit I never read the book, I do know there isn't much of it in the movie, but little there is has a lot of potential. I wanted to see that in a sequel, but there never came one. Maybe for the best.

On that note, please keep in mind that this opening script is purely a passionate work of fan-fiction and in no way intended for production or meant to infringe on any copyright rules. That being said, please enjoy! I am open to criticism and I strive to learn.



There's breathing, slow, yet even and calculated. He sounds trapped, as if he's suffocating in a claustrophobic coffin. The camera floats to the side revealing just a few stars in the vast distance and pans even further to reveal a few white shapes flying in formation under the cover of the pitch black void. Least they know they're not as hidden as they think. The CAMERA ACCELERATES towards them aggressively and frames them, intrigued by the unwelcome intruders. They are humans, heavily armed and wearing white armor suits, their faces covered with reflective visors that show the giant shape of a derelict alien ship.

The focus is on the man leading the team, his slow breath still dominating the sound, but also a faint beating of his heart can be distinguished. He wields a long weapon that looks akin to a halberd. Following him are two female and two male. One of the females has a black cross painted on her chest and another golden cross on the stock of her weapon. The other woman has a mysterious circle device on her back and she seems more nimble in her movement than all other. The two men each carry bulky weapons, one holding it tight to his torso, the other has it attached horizontally to his back as he controls a drone, constantly scanning its surroundings. It probably knows they're being watched, but doesn't seem concerned. Far behind them, a ship is waiting on standby.

Hold position!

They use the reaction control thrusters of their suits to delay contact until further instructions.

He approaches the giant spaceship that looks like a mold-infested dandelion. His mirror mask turns translucent, revealing a bearded man with kind eyes, the eyes of a former priest who lost any chance of atonement. He makes contact, his feet touch the eerily organic surface of the ship. He stumbles, but his thrusters regain his balance.

Be careful. The surface is not metallic. Prepare your STS for touchdown.

The group lands on the hull, not very gracefully. Some strike a knee pose and quickly readjust. The thrusters on their suits are constantly engaged. This is but a respite.

Their visors become transparent, one by one unveiling their faces, except for the man handling the drone. He seems comfortable with the visor shut.

88 miles to the entrance. Damn!

Everyone's voice other than Arthur's is over radio, as we are focusing on his point of view for this scene.

They move cautiously onward, risks notwithstanding. Beasts could jump out at any moment.

The woman with the crosses recites a prayer in silence. Her skin is pale, her scars are old. She keeps her pious eyes darting over the barrel of the weapon pointed towards the distant path ahead.

(faintly as the CAMERA SWOOPS by)
Deliver me from evildoers and save me from those who are after my blood.

Lance, are you still with us, brother?

Yes, sir. I'm always listening. The signal holds strong for now. How's it looking over there?

Grim, just as you described it. The hull feels... fleshy, as if the whole damned thing is alive. I've never seen anything so strange.

It only gets stranger inside. So you know, I'm not comfortable leaving you on this mission alone.

It's dreadful enough without you here, brother.

Don't worry, Lance, we're made for this.

Take good care of TOR and be sure to keep Gwen safe at all costs.

Be safe too, brother.

What about me?

No evil can touch you, Mary. That I promise. I'll jump in when the time comes.

Arthur turns around to face their ship while the rest continue ahead passing him on each side.

Stay in orbit and guide us through this cursed placed. Have a little faith in us, will you?!

Sure have, commander. I'm bringing MINERVA closer if TOR's signal fades. Good luck!

(as he turns to his team)
Make no mistake, soldiers, this is our doom, one way or another. Hell awaits us and we've come to slaughter its demons. We carry vengeance in our spirit. Let's give it to them if that's what they want.
Break off on me.

Arthur jumps and uses his thrusters to propel ahead of his team. They follow one by one in the same manner, flying parallel to the ship's outer hull.

Suddenly, the CAMERA RACES to the front of the ship as the LIFEFORCE theme begins playing and the title card appears on screen. We are taken on a ride through the intricate design of the giant alien vessel as a foreshadowing of what to expect. Finally, we reach a large room with three crystals in the middle that encapsulate naked humanoids. We continue slower towards a woman in the center and just as we close up on her face, she opens her eyes.